What Is A Softroc Franchise?

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One Of The Fastest Growing Rubber Surfacing Franchises Is Poised To Become The Nation’s First Household Name For Rubber Surfacing

Softroc may be the new kid on the block, but the brand founded in 1983 is positioned to become the nation’s first household name for rubber surfacing. While there are companies that sell rubber and resin, Softroc is the first rubber surfacing company to offer focused franchise opportunities in this fast growing industry.

After growing to over 200 members across America, the Softroc Executive team saw an opportunity to franchise rubber surfacing to professionals eager to own their own successful business. After launching in 2021 we have already had many new locations open across America.

With many of locations open or in development across the United States, Softroc is leveraging its excellent reputation as the leading brand for rubber safety surfacing by ramping up a nationwide expansion campaign with the goal of 200 franchise locations open in the coming years. Softroc is a low-cost franchise opportunity and proven business model that has been designed to be easy to run and easy to scale, with the focus on providing exceptional customer service and installation to home and property owners.


“Discovering this product changed my life,” says Courtney Harmon, President of Softroc. Our brand has a ton of momentum because our franchise is the bright spot in a new, rapidly growing industry with many of the smaller brands unable to compete in a 21st century market. Softroc is successful because it has been designed to be effectively turn-key, with a low investment, and without the added expenses of a brick and mortar building. Our franchisees use their natural talents as networkers, alongside our proven system and the tools that we provide, to become established in their communities as the go-to rubber surfacing business. This is why our franchise attracts former stockbrokers, corporate executives and tradesmen alike, all of whom have equal success. Softroc is a simple business to understand and it’s even easier to own.

The American rubber surfacing boom isn’t going to slow down anytime soon. A $60 billion market, the American home and property rubber surfacing industry is likely going to continue to skyrocket. The U.S. Census reports that the average American home is nearly 36 years old. 

“For as long as there are people living in homes with stone surfaces, there is going to cracks and sadly trips and falls,” Barry says. “It’s a problem that is unavoidable for home and property owners. Unfortunately, most home or property owners don’t realize there is a problem until an accident occurs. This is why the rubber surfacing industry is a recession-resistant business, because when an accident occurs, making sure your home is safe becomes the #1 priority. 

Softroc franchisees have access to multiple revenue streams

Softroc franchise owners are the leading names in their communities for rubber surfacing. Each of our surfacing experts is fully trained and certified by Rubaroc LLC, the original North American rubber surfacing company. Franchise owners are trained in how to establish themselves in business by becoming the preferred referral partner of local pool companies, architects, property managers, and other third party tradespeople.

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