How Big Is the Rubber Surfacing Industry?

Softroc Is At The Forefront Of The Booming $60 Billion Rubber Surfacing Industry

The American rubber surfacing industry has grown to an astonishing $60 billion annual market and due to several factors, including aging American homes and infrastructure, the worsening severity yearly weather changes, as well as an aging American population. This points toward a skyrocketing market for home and commercial safety surfacing in the coming years.

Millions of Americans seek medical treatment for falls and thousands more die from them every year. Trips and slips can strike at any moment, but one thing is certain, wet and uneven surfaces make it much worse. Softroc surfaces are slip resistant (even when wet), anti-fatigue and also have astonishing shock absorbing properties. Create a safe place to land if a fall should occur with Softroc. 

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